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Ion Foot Detox and Energy Bath - Services

Ion Foot Detox and Energy Bath - $45 (30 minutes)

The Ion Cleansing Detox Machine will help:
* Detoxify the liver
* Purge the bodyof heavy metals
* Increase energy and reduce stress
* Relieve pain
* Improve memory and sleep
* Cleanse parasites
* Reduce wrinkles, acne and other skin problems (dark circles under eyes)
* Enhance the immune system
* Reduce menstrual cramps

Foot Detox is safe for most people. However, the following should not have the treament:
* Persons with pacemaker/metallic implants, electomagnetic devices
* Pregnancy/suspected pregnancy
* Persons with implanted organs
* Epileptics
* Those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy
* Persons with open wounds on their feet
* Newly -operated persons (should wait until fully recovered or atleast 6 weeks post op)
* Seriously ill or very weak persons
* Diabetic on insulin

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